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About Tutuology

Hello…and thanks for stopping by! Tutuology is  a resource for people who are looking to get in to  the tutu princess girly girl industry! Whether you want to start your own girly girl business, cut out the middle-man, or get inspired……this is the place to do it! Our information driven business platform holds your hand through the entire process of starting or growing your business. Not to mention, we share with you only the best-of-the-best suppliers, tutorials, ideas, templates, & how-to’s of the trade. We are known for our sourcing and business building expertise with tutus, pettiskirts, hair bows, boutique clothing, fairy wings, pageant dresses, accessories, web design, and everything girly girl. We hope you’ll join us and be part of our growing community! We are in the midst of a ‘Girly Girl Revolution’, so gear up in your tutu girly girl princess armor, and let’s get going!

About Me

I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 wonderful munchkins, 2 equally wonderful step-munchkins & an adoring husband.  My husband and my mom are definitely my side-kicks and I could not do this with out them. You’ll find me saying that a lot….because it’s true. Since becoming a mom 12 years ago, my entrepreneurial flame has been burning full-blast. I’ve always been a business developer, but have found myself often feeling guilty for not going out there and “getting a real job”. I don’t know what it is, but somehow, the corporate world’s little snickers sometimes get under my skin. All I can say is that I wouldn’t trade my life for the world! I have enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom and I am grateful that I am able to attend all of the school functions, be home for my kids when they are sick, volunteer for field trips and all of the many wonderful things that accompany parenthood. My interest in the girly girl industry took shape the day my first daughter was born. In 2004 (and 3 little girls later), I had a full-fledged wholesale fairy princess business. Today, I am keeping quite busy developing my network of girly girl sites to help others achieve their mom goals and business dreams. I owe a big thanks to my Mom, Dad, & Husband! This has definitely been a family effort. Without you guys (your direct involvement and consistent support), I wouldn’t have the strength to push forward.

I luv my family!

My “Why”

The reason(s) why I am doing this (Tutuology and the book) is triple fold. First of all, I want moms to be able to be home with their kids -if that’s their hearts desire. I know so many moms who would give their right arm to be home with their kids. I was one of them. The time is right now for moms to be in business for themselves! You can absolutely be free from your 9 to 5 (ball and chain) working just a few hours per day on your girly girl business. My second reason is that I was diagnosed with overlapping autoimmune diseases in 2008. The symptoms are debilitating, and there is no cure. Simply put, I could never work a normal job. I have to rely upon my creativity and intermittent days of feeling “well enough” to financially contribute to my family through the efforts of this site and book. Thankfully, my hubby has a good career and is pretty darn good at making the dollar stretch. I hope that Tutuology empowers others who have been diagnosed with autoimmune illnesses or any other illness that affects their quality of life. It is my prayer for you that you will thrive, even when your will fights your body. I am eternally grateful that my mind keeps creating- and that no matter how bad of a day I am having heath-wise, I can login to Tutuology and help others develop their girly girl business. My third reason is that I love to help people. I get the most joy out of being able to help people come to a solution, helping them find answers, and contributing toward something positive. Did I mention that every fiber of my life has been woven in the tutu princess girly girl industry for the past 7 years? I know every nook and cranny of this business and am very skilled in researching and forecasting it. I know the manufacturers, and they know me :)

Tutuology is:

  • A business resource for developing a wholesale or retail girly girl business
  • A community of moms, wahms, sahms, boutiquers, & girls of all ages
  • A celebration of girliness
  • A social place
  • A place where dreams come true, where inspiration happens, where twirlies-n-whirlies-n-girlies are all about
  • A place where giggles, awes, and “oh-my-gosh’s” happen all the time
  • A place where we embrace and capture life’s girly girl moments

Tutu WHAT?

Tutu.ology - “study of the genesis and evolution of the tutu”, coined by tutu enthusiast, Kelly Savard – 2010. Tutu cuteness is measured by fluff, height, color, cut, and instantaneous reaction. Tutu – “dreamy clothing article of fluff” + logia- “study of”.

Tutu.ologist – (n.) A person who has a thing for tutus, girly-girlness, funky clothing design, and home-made goodness. In order to obtain certification, one must register with and become familiar with the University of Tutuology.

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