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Craft Show Display Ideas Tutus, Fairy Wings, Wands & more

tutu fairy wing mom to mom booth displayI thought it would be helpful to post a few pictures from the past 7 years of participating in craft shows, art fairs, and gift shows. If you run an e-commerce boutique website with your tutus, fairy wings, wands, pettiskirts, halos, hair bows, funky children’s apparel, and whatever else screams little girl, you are in the right place! But……have you ever considered picking up a few summer and holiday craft shows?

I grew up in the craft show circuit and know the “in’s and out’s” on an expert level (I’m 33, but have lived the craft show gypsy life for the past 25 years) . Incorporating this venue of sales,  marketing, & cash flow in to your business structure can be well worth the effort! The insanely profitable success I’ve had over the years in this arena has been a lucrative cushion and cash flow booster.

I hope this slideshow will help you get your creative juices flowing. I’ve read on numerous forums all of the questions people have on how to display their: tutus, hair bows, halos, fairy wings, etc. so, I think this should really help. I know I have a ton more, but for the life of me….can’t find them! Please be considerate and do not use any of my photos for jurying purposes. They are intended only to be a guide and jump-start your idea process to reflect your personal craft show display of tutu’s, pettiskirts, fairy wings, halos, hair bows, and whatever girlie-girl goodies you sell.  I live in Michigan and help my mom out at a lot of Michigan festivals. If you also live or do shows in Michigan, please don’t copy our displays (that would make us very sad). The purpose of posting the pictures is to give you ideas :) The past year was the toughest for us because we had a smorgasbord of copycats (uh, that word is painful but it’s appropriate).I encourage your involvement in craft shows, especially when you have a unique flavor of designing, embellishing, and bringing together your line.

Now that you know how I feel about copy cats, I invite you to get inspired by my booth displays (but I am keeping my fingers crossed that you won’t show up at my shows with my exact set up). Remember, put your DNA in to this…..put your touch on it. I will also include booth design graphs and layouts because I know that sometimes we are spatially challenged.

My book includes some great links on craft shows and it also shares with you where I purchased all of my displays, so head over to my book page and check it out.

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