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wholesale tutus, fairy wings, hair bows for girls, wholesale girls clothes

Are you buying your tutus, fairy wings, flowers & hair bows from a domestic wholesaler or from an overseas trading company claiming to be "the manufacturer"? If so, then you are paying a 50% wholesale markup and dealing with CIDS (Chronic Inventory Deficiency Disorder). Although my coined term is "cute" (and quite appropriate), it's no laughing matter. Take control of your inventory today! Your business is counting on it!

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Learn how to make a tutu, fairy wings, hair bows holders, hair accessories

We offer a growing collection of How to DIY Tutorials. If you want to learn how to make a tutu, hair bow holders, fairy wings, magic fairy wands, no sew tutus, princess party hats, and just about everything else girly girl, then visit our Tutorials.


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We have a newly developed directory site at! GGD is an exclusive website directory that advertises by way of simple listings and banner advertising. Listing Placement with URL in is 100% FREE! This directory is not connected back to Tutuology. It is a separate entity. Submit your Business Listing today!